After 10

Reliable results after
the 10th day

After 10 is a pregnancy test with which the human Choiron gonadotropin (hCG) is very easily detected in the urine from the 10th day after a possible conception. The test reacts to the pregnancy hormone hCG with a sensitivity of 25 mlU / ml. 4 drops of urine are sufficient for this.
In laboratory tests and clinical user studies, test series with After 10 have given 99% correct results.

  •  Type:                                   Chromatographic hCG test
  •  Sensitivity:                         25 mlU / ml
  •  Application Time:              after the 10th day
  •  Evaluation:                         between 40 sec. to 5 min
  •  Accuracy:                           over 99%
  •  Languages:                         Instructions for use in German, English, French, Dutch, Russian and Turkish
  •  Durability:                          approx. 30 months (please note the expiry date of the pack!)
  •  Storage Conditions:           dry
Pack sizes
  •  Pharmacist Container:            variable
  •  Practice Container:                  variable
  •  Consumer:                              1 piece
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