AB flu test

Chances of recovery from
real influenza flu

Despite 18 million flu vaccinations, there were around 20,000 deaths from influenza infections in the “normal flu year” 2004/2005, according to the Robert Koch Institute. And that with an average spread and no pandemic! The threat can only be contained through the early detection of an infection with AB viruses, because the drugs Tamiflu® or Relenza® only work if they are used immediately (approx. 24 – 30 hours) after the onset of the symptoms.

AB flu test is the first CE-certified home test for the early detection of an influenza flu infection. It reliably detects type A and B influenza antigens in humans shortly after infection. In the “medicine cabinet” ready to hand, an attack with AB viruses is recognized immediately and the doctor can initiate therapy in good time.

The risk groups
  • Patients over 65 years
  • Patients with chronic pre-existing conditions
  • Immunocompromised
  • Children
  • Type:                                      Rapid chromatographic test for influenza viruses type A and B
  • Specificity:                             approx. 92%
  • Sensitivity:                             approx. 80%
  • Test Duration:                        about 10 minutes
  • Package contents:                  1 piece with 1 influenza test cassette, 1 swab, 1 sample tube with extraction buffer
  • Languages:                            Instructions for use in German
  • Storage:                                 dry
  • Durability:                             up to 30 months (please note the expiry date of the pack!)
Pack sizes
  •  Pharmacist Container:            variable
  •  Practice Container:                 variable
  •  Consumer:                              1 piece
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  • First flu test for home use with CE certification
  • Reliable detection immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms
  • Results already after 10 minutes
  • High product quality, high accuracy and safety
  • Avoidance of unnecessary use of antibiotics
  • Easiest to carry out – simply put sample extraction liquid in the cassette give
  • Test procedures can be used as often as you like
  • Helps contain epidemics
  • Without a prescription in your pharmacy