TODAY ovulation test

Do you want to have children? Determining the best days

Today is the reliable self-test ovulation test to determine a woman’s fertile days. The handy laboratory examines the increase in the concentration of hLH (human luteinizing hormone) in female urine over several days. Its rise is necessary to trigger ovulation and the formation of the corpus luteum. With Today you can safely determine the best days for conception.

In laboratory tests the test achieved an accuracy of 99%, in tests with inexperienced laypeople 96%!

  1. Type:                                  Chromatographic hLH test, sensitivity 20mIU / ml
  2. Result:                                after approx. 60 seconds
  3. Accuracy:                           Qualified staff 99%, laypeople 96%
  4. Package Contents:             Test units with 7 single-use test plates, 7 single-use pipettes and 7 urine beakers
  5. Languages:                         Instructions for use in German, English, French, Dutch, Russian and Turkish
  6. Durability:                          Approx. 24 months (please note the expiry date of the pack!)
  7.  Storage Conditions:           20 between 40 sec. to 5 min
Pack sizes
  1.  Pharmacist Container:            variable
  2.  Practice Container:                 variable
  3.  Consumer:                              1 piece

Detect ovulation with certainty

Ovulation is triggered by a sudden increase in the hLH concentration within 24-36 hours. In order to be able to reliably determine when ovulation takes place, the start time should be determined.

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Day of the
start of the test
Day of the
start of the test
21 6th 30th 13th
22nd 6th 31 14th
23 7th 32 15th
24 7th 33 16
25th 8th 34 17th
26 8th 35 18th
27 10 36 19th
28 11 37 20th
29 12th 38 21

If the cycle length is known, the day on which testing is to be started can be determined using the table below.

With “Today” the test series should be started four to five days before the average ovulation. It should be carried out on each of the 7 following days, unless the increase has already occurred before. A first positive result can be read after about 60 seconds.


With the supplied pipette, 4 drops of urine are placed on the sensitive test strip of the test cassette. There are indicators on it that clearly demonstrate the hLH hormone. The first test result can be read after about 60 seconds.

The urine applied to the test cassette is absorbed into the test by capillary forces. If hLH is present in the urine (from a concentration of at least 20 mIU / ml), an immunological reaction occurs between the hLH and the antibodies being tested. A red line (test line) forms on the test. The color of this line varies depending on the hLH concentration. Other antibodies form the control line; it indicates that the test is working properly. The method is called immunochromatography.


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