FOB test

Qualitative detection of blood in stool – New: simply at home!

Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers in Europe. It develops discreetly, often without causing discomfort and over years. A side effect is bleeding that is hidden in the stool. The first FOB test, approved as a home test, detects even the smallest amounts of this occult blood in the stool. In this way, colon cancer can be detected and treated at an early stage.

Female pharmacist working in drug store.

Type:Rapid chromatographic test for hemoglobin

Result:after approx. 60 seconds

Specificity:99.1% (compared to colonoscopy)

Sensitivity: 68.0% (compared to colonoscopy)

Package contents:1 FOB test cassette, 1 stool collection tube, 1 stool collector

Languages: Instructions for use in German, English and Italian

Durability: approx. 30 months (please note the expiry date of the pack!)

Storage: dry

Pack sizes

Pharmacist Container:variable

Practice Container:variable

Consumer:1 piece

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