Use early diagnosis as an opportunity

It is currently estimated that up to around 8 million people in Germany suffer from diabetes. According to the KORA study, the incidence of undetected cases of diabetes was 8.2%. It was almost as high as the number of those treated for diabetes (8.4%). According to a report in the news magazine FOCUS (24/2007) we already have 10 million cases of diabetes in Germany. If you include all people who are at risk or who do not know that they are sick, the focus speaks of 20 million and a growing epidemic.

Only 60% of those over 55 years of age have normal sugar metabolism. About 16% of the age group has decreased glucose tolerance (IGT), a preliminary stage of diabetes. And every year this group increases the army of diabetics by approx. 6%. Studies show that the newly diagnosed diabetics already had almost 20% damage to the retina. The risk of going blind for these diabetes patients is very high. Kidney damage is detectable in around 10% of the newly discovered cases.The main reasons for the development of type 2 diabetes are obesity and a lack of exercise. Those who have a body mass index (BMI) over 25 are at increased risk. In Germany, around one in five people is classified as overweight.

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Prediabetes early detection
“Recognized early, averted danger” is the principle with which one can actively counter the treacherous and serious illness. The earlier you know that your blood sugar levels are abnormal, the more effectively you can prevent secondary diseases such as heart attack, colon cancer, stroke, kidney damage or vascular damage.
Betachek is the only diabetes early detection home test on the market that can detect abnormal diabetes values ​​in the early stages.

Early detection is not possible with conventional glucose urine test strips. Their sensitivity is too low; they only respond from a value of approx. 180 mg / dl. At this value, most patients are already suffering from advanced diabetes and may have irreversible concomitant diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, eye or kidney damage.

Betacheck already registers very low levels of glucose in the blood. With the fasting blood sugar test, the test person comfortably, precisely and safely records the limit range from normal value to prediabetes, i.e. the critical range around 108 mg / dl.

Betachek provides reliable information about abnormal blood sugar levels very early on. The early test is an award-winning and, above all, precise and meaningful screening instrument, as recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) for the detection of the prediabetes phase and as supported by health associations such as the German Diabetic Association.

Every third person in Germany is at risk of diabetes


According to American studies, the risk of diabetes mellitus occurring in a person for a lifetime is 35%. In the German Health Report 2008, Prof. Hauner from the Else Kröner Fresenius Center for Nutritional Medicine at the Technical University of Munich assumes that “in Germany too, one in three people will develop this disease in the course of their life.” (Prof. H. Hauner, diabetes epidemic and unreported number. In: German Diabetes Health Report 2008.

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Betachek products
Betacheck diabetes early test

Beta Check Diabetes Early Test is currently the only home test that early diabetes recognize. The semi-quantitative home test reliably shows abnormal blood sugar levels. Even small concentrations of blood sugar are sufficient. The easy-to-use screening method precisely determines fasting blood sugar levels and is currently the only approved home test to detect prediabetes.

Betachek Gluco Visual – Blood sugar self-monitoring doesn’t have to be expensive!


Health insurance companies follow the IQWiG recommendation and only pay test strips for insulin-dependent patients? 40% of diabetics pay themselves?

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Betachek G5 meter


The convenient electronic meter Betachek G5. The new, award-winning digital glucose meter offers not only precise measurement performance, but also unlimited storage space for complete electronic recording and documentation. It facilitates the simple interpretation of all measurement results, since a graphic representation is very easily possible with the software. This allows the patient and / or the doctor to observe the disease better and to adjust the patient more specifically.

Risk groups

People with:

  •  Obesity (BMI> 25)
  •  High blood pressure (≥140 / 90)
  •  Low HDL cholesterol values ​​of ≤ 0.9mmol / l (35mg / dL)
  •  Increased triglyceride values ​​of ≥2.8mmol / l (250mg / dL)
  •  Unfavorable glucose values in previous tests
  •  Family history of diabetes
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCO-S).
  • Gestational diabetesThere is an increased risk for people over the age of 45 .New! More information on the German NDP Betachek webpage