WHAT IS Medvec?

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“Vector” for international medical markets

The name MedVec International is a word derived from ” Medical Vector International “. It precisely reflects our vision, our mission and what we do.
In genetic engineering, a vector is a transport vehicle that is used to transfer a foreign nucleic acid into a recipient cell. This biotechnological transfer process was the inspiration for our company name “MedVec International”.

…Because we see ourselves as a vector in order to successfully introduce medical products into international markets.

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MedVec International is a “Technology Clearing House” – an experienced technology transfer body that brings innovations and products from development laboratories to pharmacists and into specialist medical shops and laboratories. With our global contacts to leading research laboratories and medical companies, we find new, high-tech products. To a certain extent, for example, we “inject” new diagnostic and medical products into the markets through pharmacists as partners.


Diagnostic home tests – high quality of life

For more than 20 years, the management of MedVec International has been working closely with leading manufacturers of rapid diagnostic preparations worldwide. Our high-quality point-of-care diagnostics (POC) are used successfully in the home, in the laboratory as well as in the medical and clinical environment. The quality diagnostic products are among the leading and most reliable in their respective segments.

MedVec International is constantly on the lookout for new methods and preparations worldwide. Our extensive know-how in product development and business development stands for high product quality, rapid market launch, service and satisfied customers.

Our OTC medical products (over-the-counter diagnostics for home use) can be found exclusively via pharmacies and the “professional” POC tests (hospital, practice or laboratory tests) via the medical retailers the way to the end customer or the doctors or laboratories. They meet the highest requirements in terms of quality and ease of use.


Our Vision

Quality of life through innovative products

The advances in medical technology in the leading research centers and the possibility of individual diagnostics allow patients and doctors to react much faster and more effectively. Thanks to our long-term access to research laboratories and leading research and development centers, MedVec International is a reliable partner for the distribution and marketing of diagnostic procedures and OTC products.

We think that with our products and processes we can help to make precise diagnostic statements about hormonal processes in the body or to recognize more quickly whether diseases are present. In this way, the chances of recovery can be improved and the quality of life of patients can be positively influenced.

MedVec International will continue to use the partnerships and contacts intensively in the future in order to bring further novel products from the rapid test area as well as further diagnostic products or services to the market.

We see ourselves as a partner to pharmacies, doctors and medical and pharmaceutical wholesalers. If we manage to make a positive contribution to the quality of life with our products and at the same time to relieve the health system, then we are satisfied with our work.


Top quality products from the best partners

We place the highest demands on our products. Therefore, in terms of quality, they meet the tough German / European standards and certifications – such as CE mark, DIN EN ISO 13485: 2003 – and they are z. B. Approved by the US FDA, Canada Health Sciences or the Australian Health Authority. All of our products naturally comply with the European directive for in-vitro diagnostics (IVDD 98/79 / EG). Leading laboratories and research facilities in the field of diagnostics in Europe, North America or Australia validate the fulfillment of the very high quality standards.

We have exclusive partnerships with developers / manufacturers who specialize in diagnostics. They develop innovative, high-quality products for us that are used by patients via pharmacies or via “Point of Care”. In the interests of the patients, in addition to extreme precision, we also demand that the products are very easy to use in everyday use.

From our many years of experience in the development, manufacture and marketing of high quality pregnancy, ovulation tests, diabetes tests, allergy tests and tests for autoimmune or infectious diseases such as influenza, chlamydia, Strep A and H. pylori, we know that our partners, the pharmacies or the medical specialist trade, have the necessary knowledge and enjoy the trust of their customers. In order to further strengthen pharmacies as proactive health centers, we are developing innovative products with which they can distinguish themselves even more strongly with customers, and in part also through professional advice, as an integral part of a health system that is in upheaval. We have launched special marketing programs that include B. make it easier for pharmacies to acquire new, to offer innovative services. Furthermore, we provide these pro-active “health centers” with information and materials for medical education.

Our competent and highly professional sales and distribution organization of OTC Pharma-Vertrieb GmbH supports the pharmacists in a targeted manner in the presentation and information for customers and patients.

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