AB Grippetest erkennt auch H1N1

AB flu test also detects swine flu viruses

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AB flu test also detects the swine flu virus. The currently spreading highly contagious influenza virus of the type H1N1 has the same nucleoproteins as they occur in the other influenza A viruses. Since the AB flu test responds to these specific proteins regardless of the surface proteins, the influenza A subtype H1N1 (swine flu) and the subtype H5N1 (bird flu) can also be identified. This provides a reliable and inexpensive rapid test that can be used by laypeople at work or at home in addition to the doctor.

Safety even after the first symptoms

The AB flu test should be in the medicine cabinet, especially when the flu wave is just around the corner. Because with a specificity of over 92% and a sensitivity of approx. 80%, the rapid test delivers one of the highest hit rates of all available rapid test products. A meaningful result is available after just a few minutes. The AB flu test thus supplements the doctor’s PCR analysis for the detailed determination of the virus types, which can only be carried out in a specialist medical laboratory. It can take days for the results to be available to the doctor.
When treating a real flu, action must be taken quickly. Drugs such as Tamiflu® (Roche) or Relenza® (GlaxoSmithKline) can only work effectively if the virus attack is detected very early. The time window is only approx. 24-30 hours after the first symptoms appear. Otherwise the neuramidase inhibitors can no longer work effectively. 

Also understandable for laypeople

AB flu test is also approved for laypeople, is intuitive to use and, what is very important, it gives an immediate result. The AB flu test costs significantly less (approx. € 15, -) than the PCR analysis (€ 60-120, -), which must be requested by the doctor and then carried out in the laboratory. The costs for the PCR are not always reimbursed by the health insurances. According to the Baden-Württemberg Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, the patient must always bear the full costs of the patient if the result is negative. In the case of privately insured persons, a general reimbursement of the PCR is only possible after the deductible has been paid. 


Especially children, pregnant women, patients over 65 years of age, chronically ill people or people with an immune deficiency belong to the special risk groups. AB flu test provides clarity at an early stage of a possible infection. Thanks to this head start, effective action can be taken against the real flu viruses.

Means to contain the

AB flu test is an early and reliable diagnostic procedure, the result of which enables reliable decisions about further measures. Thanks to the very high specificity of well over 90%, positive results are very meaningful. Patients who test positive should see a doctor immediately and get a thorough examination and treatment. If the test is negative in a patient, but the symptoms of influenza are manifest, an immediate medical examination is also indicated in this case.


Overall, the AB flu test is an inexpensive rapid test that can help treat patients more quickly and thus more effectively. Knowing about the disease at an early stage and carefully observing hygiene measures helps to contain the spread of the virus. Because of the high specificity of 92% for a rapid test, a positive result is a good confirmation of the diagnosis (rule-in). In the event of a pandemic, the rapid test is therefore also suitable for ensuring that the right patients are treated quickly and specifically with a limited supply of effective drugs.

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