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50 blood sugar strips for only 12 euros

The trend of health insurance companies is clear: Less money and changes in demographics mean that patients have to take on more and more personal responsibility and thus costs for their health. Apotheke adhoc recently published an article entitled “Diabetics are at risk of clear-cutting test strips”.

Now that the IQWiG has just recommended that the health insurers should only reimburse blood sugar strips for insulin-dependent patients, up to 40% of all diabetics would then be obliged to assume the costs. However, measuring blood sugar is still the “alpha and omega” and self-monitoring of blood sugar is a prerequisite for successful diabetes management.

We therefore believe that the Betachek Gluco Visual test strips, because of their quality and especially with the argument of cost savings, can offer a justified alternative to meter-bound blood sugar test strips for so many diabetics that are up to twice as expensive. So try our Betachek Gluco Visual test strips at a test price of only 12.- and then start saving over half the costs compared to conventional, device-based blood sugar test strips (for meters).

With our Betachek Gluco Visual we are pursuing a strategy under which we want to offer this simple, fast, inexpensive and yet precise method at least 50% cheaper than established, device-related meter strips in the long term! We are confident that the Gluco Visual will find broader approval not only because of its quality but especially because of this price advantage in times of higher cost. In addition, with 2 years, our product has a significantly longer shelf life than meter strips (max. 6 months) and is therefore also of interest to pre-diabetics who do not have to test as often.

We want to make the Gluco Visual more widely known not only to patients and specialist retailers, but also to doctors. It’s a long, difficult road, but IQWiG’s final report should give this prize-worthy, yet meaningful alternative to meter-based blood glucose testing a momentum.

The Betachek Gluco Visual can currently also be prescribed under the same conditions as device-based test systems at the expense of statutory health insurance. However, the device-independent concept itself allows lower prices, which doctors can increasingly use within the framework of the required economic prescription requirement. The Betachek Gluco Visual test strips are particularly suitable for people who value an inexpensive measurement method, who want to test device-independent or who do not test as often. It also makes you independent of devices and technology.

While it correlates very well with meter-bound strips in studies (98%), this visual test is of course not suitable as the only measurement method for every diabetic. However, it can fill an important gap due to cost pressures. For self-payers in particular, they are a really worthwhile alternative in terms of price … and, according to ” Apotheke adhoc” and IQWiG, that could soon be 40% of all diabetics.

Both the Betachek diabetes early detection test and the Betachek Gluco Visual are CE certified according to the IVD Directive, approved as home tests and recommended by the World Health Organization or supported by the German Diabetic Association!


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